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Automatic Revolving Doors

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Automatic Revolving Doors

by TORMAX United Kingdom Ltd


Classic Revolving automatic entrance solution for high passage frequencies. Factory integrated safety for optimal coordination, drive with high dynamic braking power,easy to maintain. Doors 3.6m-6.2m diameter. Light Frame Modern automatic revolving door with precision-manufactured profiles 40×20mm on door wings and 40×30mm on curved enclosure walls. No profile required to frame internal edges of wings, no centre column. Canopy compartment 40mm high and drive is installed in floor. Full Glass Futuristic solution made almost completely in safety glass. Grounded stainless steel finish on door frames with 40×20mm profiles and 40x 30mm profiles on curved enclosure walls. Floor profiles can be concealed in floor. Canopy made completely from glass and no need for centre column.

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