Arjo Bariatric Overhead Hoist - Maxi Sky 2 Plus

Product data sheet

Arjo Bariatric Overhead Hoist - Maxi Sky 2 Plus

by Arjo UK Ltd

Using twin lift cassettes mounted on a rotatable trolley, this easy-to-use system enables patients up to 454 kg/1000 lb to be lifted, transferred, turned and repositioned. To simplify for the caregiver, all tasks can be performed with the same spreader bar system. A flexible system for all patients. After a simple switch-over to a single cassette, the ceiling lift system is ready to serve non-bariatric patients as well. In single mode, the system can work as a standard Maxi Sky® 2, utilizing the full range of spreader bars and slings. Maxi Sky® 2 Plus is a cost-efficient solution, as the system can handle a large range of patients.

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