5000 Series Light-Duty Floor Access Cover

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5000 Series Light-Duty Floor Access Cover

by Howe Green

The 5000 Series Light Duty Floor Access Cover is designed to provide safe and easy access to concealed services under all types of hard floors. The 5000 Series is a versatile floor access cover and can be used in pedestrian-only areas in residential, commercial and public spaces. It is suitable for pedestrian traffic, wheeled trolleys and sack trucks and is available as a single floor cover, as duct runs or a multipart unit. This light duty floor access cover can be manufactured in aluminium or stainless steel. The 5000 Series aluminium access cover can be supplied with the choice of an aluminium or brass show edge with matching lifting blocks. For stainless steel covers the show edge is manufactured from stainless steel with a steel baseplate and reinforcement.

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