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04. Fedderlite & Outsulite

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04. Fedderlite & Outsulite

by Dryvit – a brand of CPG UK Ltd


Dryvits Fedderlite and Outsulite are prefabricated exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) offering fast track installation for use on either new construction or refurbishment projects. Like site applied Outsulite these prefabricated systems are based on a simple premiseinsulation is more effective when placed on the exterior of a building. Dryvit prefabricated systems have a proven track record fitting well with the Egan philosophy and the ethos of design and build procurement. In construction, time means money. The faster your building is completed, the earlier it can be occupied and your revenue stream can start. Ultimately these systems enable building owners to determine more accurate project costing based on defined parameters.

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