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Airforce - Low energy Hand Dryer

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Airforce - Low energy Hand Dryer

by Warner Howard Hand Dryers


Airforce: the low energy solution. Airforce is manufactured by World Dryer and has taken the market by storm. Using patent-applied technology to force air through 11 nozzles at high speed, the Airforce marries a very low power output of just 1.1kW with a great fast dry time. Airforce features SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection on the cover of the white and black units, and on the air outlets of the chrome versions. End users have been thrilled at the savings they have made on their running costs by installing Airforce dryers, and contractors love the fact that the purchase price is around half that of other well known low energy dryers. The Airforce is a perfect solution to the problem of ever-increasing running costs, and is environmentally friendly too.

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