IronAsh - Beautiful. Strong. Durable.

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IronAsh - Beautiful. Strong. Durable.

by Australian Sustainable Hardwoods

As beautiful as it is durable. And guaranteed to perform. IronAsh uses innovative technology to combine an invisible and unique combination of water-based additives deep into the core of GoodWood Victorian Ash. Fully infused with protection, IronAsh multiplies your choices. Treated to H3 classification, IronAsh can now be used in any build to allow the continuous flow of timber design from inside to out. Thats why IronAsh is a great choice for your building project: being able to specify the same wood internally and externally now ensures a seamlessly beautiful finish and absolute customer satisfaction. Plus IronAsh can be easily cut, stained and painted on site. We offer a 25 year guarantee that it will exceed or meet all Australian H3 standards for exterior timber decay and termites.

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