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Tanktronic Servo Ceramic Valve

Keraflo Ltd

The Tanktronic® Servo Ceramic Valve from Keraflo offers an array of features and benefits which bring greater control to the market-leading Tanktronic® electronic tank management system:

Features and benefits:

  • Controlled tank filling through a high torque electric motor.
  • Durable and robust due to ceramic disc sealing parts.
  • Anti-hammer servo control speed for accuracy and precision (no incidence of hydraulic shock).
  • Manual override “close/open” control handle (for commissioning with no power).
  • For pipe connections ranging from ¾ “(20 mm) to 2” (50 mm).
  • Compact valve assembly which is easy to install inside the cold water storage tank.
  • Efficiently matches tank capacity to demand.
  • Self-cleaning maintenance routine.
  • Diagnostic functions include a data log of usage and cleaning cycles.
  • Quiet operation and low power consumption.
  • LED valve status indicators.
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant design.
  • WRAS approved and fully compliant with Water Regulations.

Aylesbury Valve Kit - 'KP' Single Head

Keraflo Ltd

The Aylesbury ‘KP’ type float valve kits comprises an in-line control valve together with an Aylesbury ‘KB’ type float valve acting as a pilot.

The pilot valve offers fully variable delayed action opening and closing water level settings, making this ideal for mains or pumped systems.

Standard Tank / Single Head installation.

Tanktronic Control Valve

Keraflo Ltd

Tanktronic is an electronic tank management system available here at Keraflo which provides a simple solution to monitoring water levels and temperature.

The technology can also manage and control tank filling and feed all this information back to your building management system.

Control Valve (Flanged):

The Keraflo Pilot Valve works with Tanktronic to provide tank filling. The valve is supplied with a flanged fitting suitable for pipe sizes ranging from 2” to 6” bore.

Aylesbury Valve - 'KAX' Type Twin Head

Keraflo Ltd

Identical in operation to the Aylesbury ‘K’ type float valve, the Aylesbury ‘KAX’ type float valves have extended drops and are suitable for raised valve chambers.

They are primarily designed to fit into chambers or boxes in the covers of tanks calling for air gaps or where maximum tank capacity is required.

To assist with compliance of air gap requirements, the valve discharge is further raised above the centre line. As a result, our Aylesbury ‘KAX’ type float valves are especially suitable for Type AA & AB air gaps.

This is the twin head 'KAX' Type valve.

Showing 1-36 of 58