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ACO Fixed Height Eurogullies – Round

ACO Technologies plc

One-piece Eurogullies, designed to be used in commercial applications, are simple free-standing units suitable for concrete, resin or tiled floors. The gullies are produced in a number of versions featuring different flow rates, grating sizes and body and spigot outlet diameters to suit various applications. The gullies are supplied complete with a one piece foul air trap. The foul air traps, both on the horizontal and vertical gullies, are completely removable to allow rodding access to the connecting pipework for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Timber Frame Wall System HH – Hybris and HControl Hybrid System

Actis Insulation Ltd

Actis has developed solutions for ‘Hybrid’ timber frame structures which use a combination of insulation between and across timber studs, which help to create highly insulated, airtight buildings that will meet the most onerous energy performance requirements.

The timber frame wall system HH uses Hybris insulation installed between timber studs and HControl Hybrid installed internally across the face of timber studs with counter-battens as follows:

  • Plasterboard
  • Air cavity
  • HControl Hybrid multifoil blanket insulation
  • Air cavity
  • Hybris reflective insulation
  • OSB board
  • Breather membrane
  • Air cavity
  • Brick cladding

Hybrid products combine airtightness and vapour control properties with insulation and therefore offer a complete solution against heat loss through the building fabric: low U-values, minimised thermal bridging and excellent airtightness.

Boost'R Hybrid

Actis Insulation Ltd

A thin, multifoil insulation with built-in breather membrane function composed of nine layers, including a watertight reflective breather membrane, polyester wadding layers and perforated coated metal polyolefin films.

Typically installed as a breathable membrane on the outside face of walls, but it can also be used above rafters in a roof and under suspended timber floor joists. The product should be installed in a continuous layer to guarantee insulation, airtightness and water tightness. It is not intended to be used alone without weather protection (e.g. roof tiles).

CE-marked in accordance with EN 13859-1/2 and has been designed for and fully tested in accordance with the EN 16012 standard for reflective insulation, including the application of 90/90. All testing of the product has been carried out by accredited independent test houses including VTT Expert Services Ltd. The product has been tested in-situ according to ISO 9869 by Glasgow Caledonian University. In accordance with BS 5534, the product is suitable for all wind zones (1-5) throughout the UK. It has been awarded LABC and LABSS Registered Detail, is accepted by NHBC, LABC Warranty and Premier Guarantee and holds BM TRADA Q-Mark.

0.9 mm Print HPL Stratificato Postforming 3660 x 1610 mm Panel

Abet Ltd

Abet Laminati’s High Pressure Compact Grade Laminate is a hardwearing, durable and very attractive solution for washroom applications with excellent resistance to impact, scratches and abrasion. The compact grade HPL is a durable, versatile and economic product resistant to vandalism, impact and water. Its decorative surface with an easy-to-clean texture is enhanced by the solid black core.

  • It is ideal for use in areas of high moisture and humidity such as leisure centres and swimming pool changing rooms as its solid core construction means there is no risk of peeling, cracking or delamination.
  • Recommended for use in high traffic areas such as in schools, hospitals, airports and other areas subject to heavy use and wear.
  • Its non-porous fabrication and edging also make it ideally suited for use in sterile and hygienic environments including hospitals, laboratories and food preparation areas.
  • Classified as Euroclass C,s2-d0 according to EN 13501-1

Showing 181-216 of 10000