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Temporary road barrier systems

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Witton Cycle Compound

Able Canopies Ltd

The Witton Cycle Compound is constructed from steel box sections and is enclosed with polycarbonates panels. It is available with or without gates. A standard shelter measures 6.6 m x 4 m.

Heritage Brick


Rugged, traditional style brick with a lightly glazed face and strong colour blends.



Double sided block with a natural weathered finish and a completely vertical face.

Rectangular Paving


A range of durable concrete paving with a fine textured finish suitable for all pavements from light duty pedestrian to heavy duty traffic.


Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

A highly compactable, very strong and durable asphalt, for use in very heavily loaded areas such as city centre road junctions, bus lanes and stations, ports and heavy industrial yards. Supreme is based on EME2 design principles but uses a polymer modified hard grade binder for enhanced performance.


  • Highly compactable.
  • Very high rut resistance.
  • Polymer-modified binder with softening point above 90°C.
  • Dense impermeable asphalt allowing early trafficking.


  • Bus stations, bus stops and bus lanes.
  • Lorry parks and transport depots.
  • Airfield hardstandings.
  • Channelized roads.



Polythene sleeved mineral wool and intumescent fire barrier for rainscreen systems.

Easydale Cycle Shelter

Able Canopies Ltd

Easydale Cycle Shelter - cost effective cycle shelter. This bike shelter has a robust steel frame with 5 mm solid polycarbonate roof panels and is fitted with Sheffield cycle racks.


3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection

An extruded aluminium rail system which provides a high level of user safety. The product can span up to 3m between support brackets (perfect for facade access) using a range of anchorage brackets. 

Showing 217-252 of 10000