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Altro Expand Flexible Joint System


Two part, chemically resistant, polyurethane/ epoxy flexible jointing compound, specifically designed for industrial flooring. AltroExpand accommodates normal thermal and vibration movement whilst providing sufficient strength to protect joint arises from damage and erosion. Typical applications include movement joints in old and new floors, factories, warehouses, workshops, hangers, etc.

Conren Floorplate Industrial Floor Surfacing

Conren Ltd

A dry dress application directly onto freshly laid concrete bases, to produce an exceptionally hard-wearing monolithic, heavy duty floor surface and designed for warehousing, heavy engineering, loading bays, production areas, and multi-storey car park decks.

Deckshield Linemarker QD

Flowcrete UK Ltd

A single component, solvent based, high build linemarking product for use in car parls and segregation areas with good adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

For use in car parks and segregation areas. Provides good adhesion to a wide range of substrates e.g. wood, steel, concrete and Deckshield car park decking systems.

Standard colours are White and Traffic Yellow. Special corporate colours can be produced to special order, consult Flowcrete Technical Department.

  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Abrasion resistant

Nitoflor Hardtop S

Fosroc International Limited

Nitoflor Hardtop S provides a highly abrasion resistant surface for fresh concrete floors. It consists of special hard wearing aggregates selected for their physical properties of abrasion and wear resistance.

Suited for all industrial areas subjected to heavy traffic.

Nitoflor Lithurin

Fosroc International Limited

A permanent hardening and dustproofing compound for concrete surfaces. Used as a surface hardener for new and old concrete floors to prevent dusting and to increase durability. Suitable for use on concrete and granolithic surfaces. Typical applications include industrial floors, light engineering works, warehouses and car parks. It can also be used as a case hardener for precast products.

Vandex Mineralit

Safeguard Europe Ltd

Vandex Mineralit produces through a physio-chemical process an improvement in the surface structure of cementitious building materials. The crystallization resulting from the high silicic acid content produces compounds, which improve the strength and density of substrates.The substrate must be clean and free of any contamination and weak material. The substrate must be dry at the time of application. Apply Vandex Mineralit in one to two coats, by brush or low pressure spray.

To be applied by a suitably qualified contractor.

Conren Lapidolith

Conren Ltd

Lapidolith is a clear liquid chemical case hardener, which dustproofs and improves the wear and protection of concrete and terrazzo floors in areas such as commercial warehousing and retail outlets.

Deckshield Rapide SH

Flowcrete UK Ltd

A solvent free, heavy duty, fast cure deck coating sytem that minimises disturbance to residents.

Deckshield Rapide SH offers enhanced resistance to UV light, is weather resistant and available in a range of bright colours to transform external exposed walkways.

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Fast Cure
  • UV Resistant
  • Aesthetically Attractive
  • BS EN 1504
  • Durable

Sikafloor® – Fibreshield (formerly Armorex Fibreshield)

Sika Limited

A pre-blended, ready to use, hard wearing, fibre suppressant dry shake topping for monolithic floors. It is formulated from dry cement powder, hard aggregates and compatible admixtures.

Sprinkled onto and floated into fresh wet concrete floors, and then power floated and power trowelled in the normal way, Sikafloor® – Fibreshield forms a smooth, low maintenance wearing surface suitable for any power floated concrete floor where a dense, abrasion resistant finish is sought and the appearance of steel/polypropylene fibres is undesirable in the floor required.

Showing 1-36 of 38