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PPG EP4501 Self-Smoothing Epoxy Floor Topping

PPG Protective Coatings

PPG EP4501 is a medium duty, flow applied epoxy floor topping for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. It is designed to give the user a floor that has excellent durability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.
PPG EP4501 has an easy to clean, smooth, gloss finish. This makes the product ideal for use in environments such as the food, beverage, engineering and chemical industries.

PPG EP201 Water Based Epoxy Floor Coating

PPG Protective Coatings

PPG FLOORING EP201 is a semi-gloss, two-component water dispersed epoxy floor coating for use on concrete substrates and polymer modified cementitious screeds. PPG EP201 is designed to provide a tough, hard wearing protective floor finish in a range of colours. Due to its vapour permeability, PPG EP201 may also be applied to seven-day old ‘green’ concrete.

Altro Coat™


A twin-pack, water-miscible, moisture tolerant epoxy coating with a silk finish.


Conren Ltd

A solvent-free, high build epoxy resin, non-slip coating designed to provide a hard-wearing, dust-free and chemically resistant finish for flooring in industrial and heavily pedestrianised areas.


Conren Ltd

A solvent-free, high-build coating designed for heavy industrial use and refurbishment projects.

Showing 1-17 of 17