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Elmdene International Ltd

A unique PoE+ powered device that can charge a 12V 7Ah battery whilst continuing to provide a PoE compliant output (up to 14W) to the PoE Powered Device. If the PoE power being provided to the input fails, the battery seamlessly takes over continuing to provide PoE to the device for up to 4 hours.

Housed within a steel IP66 rated enclosure it can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Installer friendly RJ45 cable gland connections are provided with the enclosure to offer a simple plug and play solution without the requirement of terminating cat5 connections.

Features and benefits:

  • Powered remotely by PoE+ (PoE 802.3at).
  • Provides up to 14W to the PoE powered device.
  • Supplies battery back-up on loss of PoE power.
  • Enclosure accommodates an industry standard 12V 7Ah battery.
  • Deep Discharge Protection.
  • Offered in an IP66 Steel enclosure (for external use if required).
  • Can be used with Elmdene 4HR-UPS™ devices to offer complete system back up.

12V Access Control Power Supply

Elmdene International Ltd

This range has been specifically designed to house most common access control door controllers. With different power options and enclosure sizes the range offers the installer a PSU for a variety of applications.

All models offer fault signalling and can charge a 12V standby battery to provide backup power on a mains failure. Multi-fused outputs are provided to allow the installer to protect individual circuits as required. All models possess a mains fail relay output while the ACCESS-PSUx models also offer additional Battery Monitoring and Deep Discharge Protection.

The MULTI-ACCESS models are provided with a unique hinged cabling system and can provide either 12V or 24V whilst also offering an independent ancillary relay that can be used for applications such as a ‘Fire’ door release relay.

Features and benefits:

  • PCB standoffs supplied for common A/C boards
  • Unique enclosure design (MULTI-ACCESS-x)
  • Cost effective switch mode technology
  • Front & rear enclosure tampers
  • Mains Fail relay output
  • Battery Monitoring (2A & 4A versions)
  • Volt-free fault outputs (2A & 4A versions)
  • Independent ancillary relay (8A versions)
  • Switchable 13.8V / 27.6V dc output (8A version)
  • Full rated current to load + 0.5A battery charging
  • 90 to 264V ac range
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Mains transient protection
  • LED Fault indication
  • Screen printing and bespoke models available on request
  • 3 year warranty

4HR UPS - CCTV power supply

Elmdene International Ltd

The 4HR UPS™ Range provides extended standby power to critical security applications such as PoE and PoC CCTV systems.

When used with the recommended standby batteries the devices will provide approximately 4 hours standby time for the camera system in the event of a mains failure.

All models are housed within a standard 4U 19" rack enclosure and providing a true sine wave 220Vac output for the powered devices.

LED status indication allows quick system diagnosis on the front panel. Volt-free fault outputs are available on the rear panel for remote signalling if required.
This range offers the installer a simple ‘plug and play’ UPS installation, utilising industry standard batteries and enclosures.

Features and benefits:

  • 8, 16, 32 camera versions available.
  • LED indication (mains present, output health, standby mode operation).
  • Mains Loss - Volt-free fault output.
  • Temperature compensated battery charging.
  • Mains input 264V ac.
  • Single IEC 220Vac outlet socket.
  • Single IEC mains input (2m power cord provided).
  • Can accommodate 2 x 12V 18Ah batteries (8CAM version).
  • Floor standing battery enclosure with 3m battery lead for either 2 x 12V 38Ah (16CAM) or 2 x 12V 65Ah (32CAM).
  • Option to increase standby time by fitting 2 extra 12V 18Ah batteries (16CAM and 32CAM).

G Range N Series - 12V Power Supplies

Elmdene International Ltd

The 12V dc G Range, N Series power supplies has been designed for CCTV, access control and general purpose applications that require the use of a standby battery.

The products use energy efficient switch mode technology and have a universal mains supply input (90—264V ac).

Elmdene’s FOM4 or FOM8 units can be fitted to give 4 or 8 independent fused outputs if required. The modular range consists of 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A power variants with full rated current to load and also feature a fully regulated output with low ripple and noise. Unboxed (module only) versions are also available if required.

Features and Benefits:

  • 13.8V dc output
  • Cost effective switch mode technology
  • High energy efficient - reducing energy bills
  • Front Tamper Protection
  • Modular construction means easy
    maintenance and upgrading
  • Full rated current to load +0.5A battery
  • 90 to 264V ac range
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Mains transient protection
  • LED indication:
  • Mains status
  • Fault
  • Screen printing available
  • 3 year warranty


Elmdene International Ltd

A PoE powered device that provides power for critical IP systems such as Access Control, over a single Ethernet cable. The PoE UltraPod™ can charge up to a 12V 17Ah battery whilst continuing to provide a 13.8V dc output of up to 3A. If the PoE power being provided to the input fails, the battery seamlessly takes over continuing to provide the 13.8V dc voltage to the device.

The PoE Ultrapod™ provides up to 3A to the device with an additional 0.5A available for battery charging (PoE++ required). It is capable of powering most common Access Controllers along with the high power locks connected to them.

The PoE Ultrapod™ also has plug and play PoE and data connections, simplifying setup and also removes the requirement for a fused mains spur at the device location.

Features and benefits:

  • Available as a DIN mountable module or a boxed unit.
  • Boxed unit has space for 17Ah battery and fixing points for commonly used access control boards.
  • Provides remote fault monitoring outputs:
    – PoE Input failure.
    – Battery Low.
  • Data pass through for IP connections (10/100Mbps).
  • Powered remotely by:
    – PoE++ (PoE 802.3bt).
    – PoE+ (PoE 802.3at).
    – PoE (PoE 802.3af).
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection.

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