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A factory-produced, ready to use cement:lime:sand render with high durability.

Monokote® Z-146

GCP Applied Technologies

Designed for commercial and industrial steel framed structures, where impact and abrasion are likely. Used in fully exposed and external applications, e.g. manufacturing areas and semi-conductor plants.

Monokote® MK-6/HY™ ES™

GCP Applied Technologies

An extended set version of MK-6/HY™; the material can be left in the spray system for up to 5 days. Designed for concealed commercial applications, for use on steel framed structures and concrete soffits. Can be applied from one central pumping station to a building of up to 50 storeys.


Parex Ltd

Grey one-coat weather resistant render and basecoat for Parex decorative renders.

Planiprep Skimcoat

Mapei (UK) Ltd

Fast-drying skim-coat, fine polymer-modified cement-based product designed for repair, levelling and feathering.

The versatile mortar is ideal for skimming uneven subfloors and joints, filling screw-holes in plywood surfaces and repairing other minor surface defects.


Parex Ltd

Bright white one-coat breathable weather resistant and decorative render.

Showing 1-27 of 27