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Altitude Panel Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

High pressure laminate cubicle range.

Our floor-to-ceiling Altitude system offers the perfect mix of total privacy, stunning aesthetics and robust construction. Altitude cubicles are available in a variety of configurations to suit

Full height panels with 25 mm floor clearance for privacy. Polished aluminium hardware and headrail brace for strength.

Included in object:

  • Altitude 13mm SGL
  • Altitude 18mm HPL



Aspect Panel Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

Combining elegance with strength, Aspect uses elliptical aluminium pilasters to create an eye catching and stylish cubicle system.

Ideal for prestigious washrooms in offices, leisure facilities, restaurants and more, where careful selection of finishes can achieve stunning results.

Aspect uses high grade aluminium hardware powder coated to complement the frame colour.

Included in object:

  • Aspect 13mm SGL
  • Aspect 18mm HPL


Kinder Panel Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

A vibrant and funky cubicle range featuring low level panels for adult supervision whilst maintaining privacy for the little users.

Each panel is finished in child-friendly curves and available in an exciting range of finishes to create your welcoming infant washroom environment. 

Offering high levels of strength with floor fixed pilasters and aluminium hardware, Kinder is both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Include in object:

  • Kinder 13mm SGL

Junior Panel Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

Robust cubicle system with shaped doors and dividers, ideal for KS1 and KS2.

A bright, robust and practical cubicle range with curved doors and divisions for teacher supervision, offering high levels of strength with integral structural headrail and aluminium hardware.

Junior is available in two high performance panel options to suit your application and budget. Junior is available in a variety of panel height options to suit keystage and privacy requirements. 

Included in object:

  • Junior 13 mm SGL - 1200 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 13 mm SGL - 1350 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 13 mm SGL - 1500 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 13 mm SGL - 1960 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 18 mm HPL - 1200 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 18 mm HPL - 1350 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 18 mm HPL - 1500 mm Door Height Cut Outs
  • Junior 18 mm HPL - 1960 mm Door Height Cut Outs





High pressure laminate (HPL) duct panelling.

Panel Cubicle Assembly


Generic panel cubicle assembly comprising of an array of standard cubicles. The objects have a number of parametric values for number of cubicles, cubicle size, direction of door swing, position of door, and end panel options.

Options include:

  • Standard cubicle size of 850 x 1500 x 2000 mm
  • Wall return, end panel and side panel controls
  • Left/right swing
  • Open in/out

Configurations with variations in cubicle size and door swings may be achieved with the single panel cubicle or single accessible cubicle objects available for separate download.



12.5 mm solid grade laminate panel cubicle.



18 mm high grade particle board with high pressure laminate finish panel cubicle.



Minimal styling with maximum privacy – in-line cubicles for desirable washrooms.

NU-Altitude Cubicle

Nu-Style Products Ltd

Nu-Altitude is a full height cubicle system which provides greater privacy for the user. The key features of this system are full height doors with the option of above door panels with seamless pilasters.

Satin Anodised Aluminum Ironmongery supplied as standard with the option of Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum or Satin Stainless Steel. Low level 50 mm pedestal leg with 50 mm ceiling clearance.



Glass cubicles with solid stainless ironmongery.

NU-Kidz Cubicle

Nu-Style Products Ltd

Cubicle designed specifically for the Primary School age group with full height Pilasters & head rail to maintain stability. Doors and partitions can be shaped to create privacy while still offering the required supervision.

Various door & partition height options to suit different age groups.

1800 mm high Pilasters with 150 mm pedestal leg.

NU-Level Cubicle

Nu-Style Products Ltd

Designed to provide a full height flush cubicle front. Offering greater privacy with a 20 mm low level Pedeatal leg & Satin Stainless Steel fitting as standard.

Showing 1-36 of 180