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MuteBoard™ is a slim and practical acoustic board for wall soundproofing where space is limited, you can use it for the reduction of ambient noise levels when applied directly to brick, block or stud frames, or even raised noise issues that can range from intrusive conversation to televisions when installing on an isolated stud frame. MuteBoard™ is available in a variety of thicknesses: MuteBoard™ 2 – 19mm, MuteBoard™ 3 – 25mm and MuteBoard™ 4 – 27mm. These vary in acoustic performance and can be installed in a variety of ways, such as on decoupled stud frames, internal stud frames to split multiple rooms, or alternatively when you need to be conservative with space by directly installing them to your brick/block wall. Different installation methods will also vary the acoustic performance of the boards.



A perforated, gypsum plasterboard panel with bevelled edges.

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