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EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks

Oscar Acoustics

High performance acoustic block. Concrete cellular facing blocks with resonating cavity sound cancellation, resulting in excellent absorption of low frequency sound reverberation and good absorption of mid and high frequency sound reverberation.


Supreme Concrete Ltd

Precast Concrete Padstone
Various sizes to suit prestressed and precast lintels

  • PAD01
  • PAD02
  • PAD03
  • PAD04
  • PAD05
  • PAD06
  • PAD07
  • PAD08
  • PAD09
  • PAD11
  • PAD12
  • PAD13
  • PAD15

Our PAD marked Padstones offer increased safety by helping you to select the right product for the right application.

  • Engineered to perform
  • Complements Supreme's lintel range
  • Made from high strength dense concrete
  • Ready to use and saves time on site
  • Contrete strength in excess of 50N/mm² at 28 days.

Showing 37-47 of 47