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Louvre and shading systems

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A steel grating with horizontal flat bars 15, 25 or 34 mm apart providing diffused visual screening for cladding or security screens.

Solex™ HALO Solar Shading

Solinear Ltd

Aluminium external solar shading system available with a wide range of blade profiles suitable for horizontal or vertical application to the building external facade.

soundEX™ Noise Control Louvres

Solinear Ltd

Acoustic louvre screening with full ventilation capability or acoustic screening panels to control noise passage to surrounding areas of mechanical plant/chiller units.

Shadoglass LS-4 glass louvred solar shading system

Colt International Ltd

An external glass louvred solar shading system for achieving a seamless continuous appearance when closed, designed to reduce heat gains and glare whilst maximising the use of natural daylight. It is also suitable as a primary or secondary facade element to provide ventilation.

Showing 1-36 of 43