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Parapet outlet, cast iron body

Alumasc Water Management Solutions

Wade offers a range of parapet outlets with reversible bodies to provide horizontal or vertical threaded outlet. Horizontal parapet outlets can be used with downspout nozzles for installation on the outside face of a parapet wall to discharge water to lower levels. Outlets with cast iron bodies are suitable for use with hot-applied or hot-bonded membranes.


Outlet versions WF002 to WF064 have a sherardized ductile iron membrane clamping collar, which allows the grating to be removed for maintenance without disturbing the membrane.

Harmer Insulated Horizontal Spigot Roof Outlet

Alumasc Water Management Solutions

Alumasc Harmer Insulated is a range of outlets based on a rigid polyurethane foam body, completely eliminating any possibility of condensation forming on the underside of the outlet due to cold bridging.

Outlets have an elastomeric bitumen connecting membrane fused to the outlet body, for bonding to built up bituminous membranes, torch-on roofing and hot asphalt. Consult manufacturer for details of alternative connecting membranes for other roofing types.

The Harmer Insulated Horizontal Spigot roof outlet connects to PVC O-ring socketed pipe directly, or with heat-shrink adaptors where necessary. Connections may also be made to HDPE pipework using appropriate couplings, or to socketed and socketless cast iron pipework using couplings, adaptors or cold caulking as appropriate.

Showing 109-144 of 271