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Speedlane Compact - Swing Barrier Gate

Boon Edam Limited

The newest edition to the Boon Edam premium range of swing barrier gates solves the issue of introducing security and safety into small and valuable areas of real estate spaces. The Speedlane Compact delivers all you fundamentally need in a security lane; while confidently delivering all that is required to make your visitors feel welcome and secure – every day. Contoured cabinets, position and operation of directional LED lights guide even an untrained user through the passage with pleasant ease. However, as simple as the product is to use, the premium integrated technology still offers excellent tailgating detection and safety sensors as standard features.

Twix-M - Tripod turnstile


The popular Twix turnstile is a robust and exceptionally powerful solution. Twix efficiently maintains secure entrance control even when installed in intensive use areas such as stadiums, factory plants and institutions. The simple yet elegant design will complement any building and is available in several finishes High quality materials, long lifespan and proven operation make the Twix turnstiles the control option of choice for any location. The Electromechanical anti-panic function (for prevention and elimination of public panic in emergency situations within buildings) provides manual fail safe functionality.

Features and benefits:

  • Bi-directional motorized tripod turns􀀔le with drop-arm function.
  • Turnstile housing can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor installations.
  • Integrated RFID reader bracket under top glass.
  • 2 location LED indicators.
  • Any additional devices upon request (e.g. passage counter, RFID/Proximity/BioMetric readers, coin acceptor, push button, barcode and QR-code reader).
  • Heating function for external installation (for cold climates).
  • Tripod Twin modification is available.

Showing 1-36 of 60