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Gas and liquid fuel valves

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Two Way Bench Mounted Drop Lever Gas Tap

Arboles UK Ltd

Standard laboratory gas tap for Bunsen burner type applications. Suitable for both natural and LPG gas applications.

Two-way high visibility droplever gas tap fixed serrated nozzle. Integral anti-rotation pin.

All brass body, Rilsan plastic coated, white (RAL 9016). Identification coding to DIN13792.

ADP10 – Air Pressure Switch (IP54)

Duomo (UK) Ltd

To comply with current British Standards it is a requirement to prove that mechanical ventilation systems are operating in commercial catering establishments.

The ADP10 air pressure switch is used to monitor positive, negative or differential air or flue gas pressure. Kit includes tubing and pitot connections.

Showing 1-13 of 13