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Pilkington Planar Generic Steel Mullion

Pilkington Architectural

The use of Pilkington Planar™ in a glass mullion system enables the specifier to produce vertical glass curtain walls, canopies and skylights.

Glass mullions are used as support for maximum transparency and to transfer wind, snow and self-weight loading to the structure. Pilkington have led the way in the development and testing of this new technology having based it upon technology established in the 1960's for use with the Pilkington Suspended Assembly.

Vertical structures of this type are usually suspended from the head structure above - with the glass panels fastened to the mullions by Pilkington Planar™ fittings. By supporting the facade in this manner it is possible to span distances as high as 24 m and perhaps further still. Pilkington engineers are also able to protect against lateral torsional buckling of these glass mullions, drawing upon a wealth of experience and laboratory test results.


Cubicle Headrail

Häfele UK Ltd

Headrail, 316 L Cubicle Fittings, PBA

  • These fittings can be used in any environment, but they are particularly suitable for situations of heavy use, where floors are cleaned on a continual basis, where floor washing machines are in use or the atmosphere has a high salt content
  • Fixed over divisions and doors
  • For pressing into sockets and connecting pieces
  • Order socket, hanger and corner piece separately as required

Finish Satin
Suitable for 10.5-12.5 mm glass partitions
Installation Press fitting
Length 3000 mm
Diameter 25.0 mm
Material Grade 316 L stainless steel

Tate Grid - Demountable suspended ceiling grid

Tate Europe

Tate Grid is a data centre ceiling product which combines structural and acoustical ceilings into one versatile solution. Tate Grid is faster and easier to install than other ceiling systems as it has been designed specifically for data centres. The load rating of 1.7 kN is sufficient to carry most suspended loads including busbars, cable trays, hot aisle containment systems, lighting and fire suppression.

The M10 slot on the underside of the ceiling means that trades will not need to remove ceiling tiles or enter the ceiling plenum to run services as they can quickly and easily connect to the ceiling, reducing the number of man hours inside the data hall.

The ceiling is customisable to 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm configurations, and available in a range of colours and with ceiling tiles to suit.

Iso-Mount Type1

Oscar Acoustics

Isolating acoustic hanger for the construction of acoustic soundproof ceilings (reduces airborne and impact noise) with as little as 5 mm of ceiling height loss.

Iso-Mount Type3

Oscar Acoustics

Isolating acoustic hanger for the construction of acoustic soundproof ceilings (reduces airborne and impact noise).

Showing 1-21 of 21