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Rubber Stud Tactiles

Rubber Stud Tactiles

Genesis Global Systems Limited

Rubber stud tactiles designed to give warning of staircases or hazards. The small dots patterned in a diagonal grid, are to give advanced warning of an obstacle. These tactile tiles have been uniquely developed to make it safer for the blind and partially sighted to move around. Indoor use only.


  • Rot-proof and wet resistant, fungus resistant and germ resistant.
  • Anti-slip, hard-wearing and easy to install.
  • Available in a wide variety of colours to provide visual contrast for the old or partially sighted.
  • Bevel-edged strips.
  • Suitable for heated floors, marine class and fire rating M2.
Stairtile Slip-resistant Flooring

Stairtile Slip-resistant Flooring



A rubber composite material designed to provide a hardwearing slip-resistant finish for stairs and floors.

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