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Flat roof covering systems

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Derbigum warm roof

Alumasc Building Products Ltd

Alumasc offer a range of options for warm roof systems including preparation applications and primers for a range of substrates; vapour control layers; thermal insulation and Derbigum base, intermediate and top layers. Derbigum is a TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) modified bitumen roofing membrane which can be installed using a number of techniques, including torching, pour and roll applications, cold applied or mechanically fixed. Derbigum membranes can be applied as a single layer for quick application, or may be applied as the base or cap layers in a built-up high performance roofing system.

Axter warm roofing system

Axter Ltd

System comprising a range of reinforced bituminous membranes, straight or tapered thermal insulation and surface treatments.

Bauderflex Warm Roof System - Self Adhered

Bauder Ltd

Two layer, self adhered, warm roof, bitumen membrane waterproofing system suitable for new build and refurbishment applications. Option of using a root-resistant capping sheet for green roof scenarios

Anderson APP roofing system

BMI Icopal

A two or three layer torch-on APP modified bitumen roofing system comprising a mineral faced cap sheet, sanded underlay and preparation layer, PIR roofing insulation, and Total Torch vapour control layer.

Total Torch Warm Deck Roofing System

BMI Icopal

Two or three layer system incorporating a range of SBS-modified elastomeric bitumen membranes with a high strength polyester carrier; vapour control layers, insulation and accessories.

Total Torch membranes incorporate a special striped pattern. This advanced vapour release technology has been specially designed to dissipate any moisture vapour that may be trapped in the roofing system. When this trapped moisture begins to warm up it can form pressure pockets within the system. The Total Torch Vapour Dispersion Layer and the Total Torch Vapour Control Layer have been specially engineered to neutralize this potential problem. Once the Total Torch Vapour Control layer has been bonded to the substrate, heat is applied to its specially designed stripes onto which the insulation is fixed. Only Thermazone Torch-on insulation is approved for use within the Total Torch system, as its superior facings and dimensionally stable insulant are ideal for this form of installation.

Showing 1-36 of 46