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Sump Egg Crate Top

ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited

The Sump is a stainless steel unit designed to catch liquid and debris from surrounding surfaces.

The Sump can be integrated with a drain outlet or sump pump to remove all liquid and debris caught.

The Sump comes complete with an Egg Crate Drain Cover.

The sump is suitable for hygienic environments access by medium load factory traffic.

The sump is available in 3 standard sizes and can also be fabricated to any bespoke sizes on request.

Triton Radon Sump - Radon Gas Sump

Triton Systems

A 600 x 600 mm diameter perforated sump liner for installation into the ground for collection of radon and other ground gases for evacuation by Triton TGGFs. The sump is quick and easy to install and connect to perforated under floor pipe work.

Showing 1-36 of 41