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Tundish for Condense Drain Pipes

ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited

The Tundish is designed to be used for condense or sink waste.

The Tundish creates an air break between the drain gully outlet and the feed pipe.

The Tundish is fabricated with a rodent mesh to provide an added safe guard.

The Tundish is available in 2 styles; straight and angled, and is available in 2 pipe sizes; ∅32mm and ∅42mm

Tundish Technical Specification
Rodent Mesh: Stainless steel with ∅6mm drainage holes.
Grade 304 stainless steel (British Standard 304S31, Euronorm 1.4301).

Shower Drain Cover

ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited

The Shower Drain Cover is manufactured in 996mm standard lengths or suitable for the drainage system design. Size B would be altered to fit the length of the Channel and mitred to compensate angled corners in the system.

Suitable for commercial environments, shower rooms, wet room areas accessed by pedestrian of traffic.

ACO Fixed Height Eurogullies – Round

ACO Technologies plc

One-piece Eurogullies, designed to be used in commercial applications, are simple free-standing units suitable for concrete, resin or tiled floors. The gullies are produced in a number of versions featuring different flow rates, grating sizes and body and spigot outlet diameters to suit various applications. The gullies are supplied complete with a one piece foul air trap. The foul air traps, both on the horizontal and vertical gullies, are completely removable to allow rodding access to the connecting pipework for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Showing 73-108 of 293