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Lock Rack

Cyclepods Ltd

The Lock Rack is designed for cyclists to leave their bike locks on when not using cycle racks, eliminating the need to carry locks to and from the same end destination every day. The Lock Rack is designed to be high enough to prevent cyclists from using it as a rack and is a perfect accessory to our Pump XL and Repair XL. The laser cut centre plate is customisable with company logos, maps, images or text.


Cyclepods Ltd

Vertical, stylish, space-saving cycle rack, designed to be installed against a wall in a linear configuration.


Cyclepods Ltd

The Scooterpod, scooter rack for schools is a unique and compact storage solution just for scooters. The fun and colourful innovation is ideal for nursery and primary schools, securing up to 12 scooter. The Scooterpod is manufactured in the UK and available in 100% recycled materials.

We have adapted our Scooterpod design - Linear Scooterpods can be placed against a wall to hold 11 spaces or put back to back to hold 10 scooters, or be  combined with the round segments to create a "Scooterpod Island" to hold 24 scooters. Bases are available for all configurations for siting on soft ground. Variety of colours available.

Showing 1-36 of 145