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Tanktronic - S-Module

Keraflo Ltd

Tanktronic is an electronic tank management system available here at Keraflo which provides a simple solution to monitoring water levels and temperature.

The technology can also manage and control tank filling and feed all this information back to your building management system.


An expansion module that can boost the Tanktronic control capacity. Adding the S-Module will allow an additional 2 x Control Valves to be controlled and extra third party devices to be connected to the Tanktronic system.

Frost Protection Raystat Eco-10 Controller

nVent Thermal Management

Cold Water Services - Single Circuit, Single Application Controller: Cold water pipe freeze protection circuits are controlled using a programmable, energy-efficient proportional ambient sensing control (PASC) thermostat, complete with low temperature alarm function, digital display, ‘offsite programming’ without external power supply, 25A switching capacity, sensor and voltage failure alarms, selectable fail safe mode (either ON or OFF), alarm relay for remote BMS monitoring (0-10v VFC)and system error codes for quick diagnostic of system failure.

The size of the Raystat ECO-10 120mm x 160mm x 90mm and is manufactured from Grey Polycarbonate which has an ingress protection of IP65, the weight is 800g. The controller can be mounted on a wall or on a support bracket. The controller uses a temperature sensor which is a 3-wire pt100 according to IEC class B with a sensor head of 6mm Diameter. (The sensor cable can be extended by up to 150mm if required).

Hot Water Maintenance Controller HWAT ECO v5

nVent Thermal Management

Intelligent electronic temperature control unit with integrated time clock, HWAT-ECO unit saves power, it can lower temperature or switch off during water consumption peaks.

The HWAT ECO Controller controls all hot water temperature maintenance circuits and shall be controlled using a programmable, energy saving, single circuit local controller to provide adjustable maintained temperatures in the range 50-65°C, water heater sensor and alarm, integrated power off timer function with 7 day programmable capability and 0-10V DC input to allow BMS temperature change.

The HWAT ECO has a touch sensitive screen with easy to use menus to allow the correct macro to be used on the building, The HWAT ECO controller has the capability of being programmed off line with a USB for larger projects this enables the HWAT ECOs to be pre-programmed prior to set up on site which is a significant time saving.

SBS Control Panels for Frost Protection and Hot Water Maintenance

nVent Thermal Management

Multi-Circuit, Single Application Controller, Panel Mounted. All hot water temperature maintenance circuits or Frost Protection Circuits shall be controlled and monitored using an energy saving, programmable, electrically protected, multi-circuit control panel system complete with integrated energy saving programmable controller (to provide adjustable maintained temperatures in the range 50-65°C, water heater sensor and integrated 7 day power off timer), phased switch on capability, integrated time-shift duty cycle control, integrated power load management and volt free alarm contact to indicate RCD/ MCB failure, loss of power and controller or sensor error. The SBS control panel has steel plate and full assembled to allow a turnkey condition wired and inspected cable guides in the base of the housingThe system shall be SBS-xx-HV-EC0-10 (Hot Water Maintenance) or SBS-xx-SV (Frost Protection). Please note the SBS panel will either contain HWAT-ECO temperature control for Hot Water Maintenance or Raystat Control for frost protection.

ANS Living Wall Control Panel

ANS Group Global

Every ANS LivingWall includes a built-in irrigation system, part of which is the ANS Living Wall Control Panel.

The ANS Control Panel ensures that correct levels of moisture and nutrients are controlled, via a user-friendly interface that is sure to keep your living wall vibrant and healthy.

Showing 1-36 of 54