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Concrete form masonry unit wall systems

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Anti-Graffiti Finish

Dulux Trade, brand of AkzoNobel

Anti-Graffiti Finish is part 3 of a complete three part system comprising a sealer, primer and finish. It is a high performance water-based paint that is resistant to repeated washing, steam cleaning and solvent cleaning.

Aspect Panel Cubicle System

Dunhams Washroom Systems

Combining elegance with strength, Aspect uses elliptical aluminium pilasters to create an eye catching and stylish cubicle system.

Ideal for prestigious washrooms in offices, leisure facilities, restaurants and more, where careful selection of finishes can achieve stunning results.

Aspect uses high grade aluminium hardware powder coated to complement the frame colour.

Included in object:

  • Aspect 13mm SGL
  • Aspect 18mm HPL


Threshold Strips


Threshold strips are installed at entrances to the sports hall where the expansion and contraction of a surface can cause a gap between the sports floor and adjacent floors.

They are made from high quality aluminium and include a flexible rubber joint.

Waterstop Wall - Shower drain

Easy Sanitary Solutions

Easy Drain Waterstop Wall linear shower drain is supplied as complete set, including: grate, trap body, drainage siphon and pre-assembled sealing membrane (200 x 150 cm) with WPS technology (Water Protection System). The sealing membrane can be sealed with flexible tile adhesive for guaranteed watertightness and complete protection throughout the shower area. Waterstop shower drain can be installed free in the floor or directly at the wall and is certified according to ETAG 022, CE and EN 1253.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to clean siphon.
  • Available lengths – 700, 800, 900 mm
  • Pre-assembled sealing membrane 200 x 150 cm.
  • Installation: free in the floor or directly at the wall.
  • High drainage capacity 30 l/min.
  • CE certified.
  • ETAG 022 certified.
  • EN 1253 certified.
  • Sealing membrane can be sealed with flexible tile adhesive.

KS23 V6 – Controller for use with G161 in Science Laboratories

Duomo (UK) Ltd

The Duomo Trio LabStart (KS23 V6) is a touch-pad control panel that securely isolates and safely re-establishes the gas supply to any area which relies on manual isolation of gas outlets. Used in schools, colleges and scientific research laboratories throughout Europe, the Trio LabStart protects personnel and property from damage caused by gas leaks.

BOX 10 LED - Bathroom cabinet

Easy Sanitary Solutions

With the Container BOX with LED you can easily create more space for storing bathroom items. This wall niche is made of high-quality stainless steel and available in various sizes. The BOX with LED series is available in 5 different sizes. The design is simple, sleek and looks harmonious in every bathroom.

Suitable for new construction and renovation.

Suitable for drywall and solid wall.

Dimensions (mm).

  • 15 x 30 x 10.
  • 30 x 30 x 10.
  • 60 x 30 x 10.
  • 90 x 30 x 10.
  • 120 x 30 x 10.

d2 DuraGrating 41mm SolidTop

Dura Composites Ltd

d2 Dura Grating is a new patent pending GRP grating series that takes structural flooring to the next level.  Available exclusively from Dura Composites, our Standard Mesh grating range achieves an industry-leading Class B fire rating according to BS EN 13501-1. Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, d2 Dura Grating’s anti-slip surface is tested to over 1 million footfalls. It offers outstanding safety, performance and durability and is more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario.

Box - Round Stools

Edge Design

Box represents function and design, providing a robust solution for open space sitting. The simplicity of its form is achieved by the angular construction. The combination of leather and satin chrome finish create a unique style. Our standard finish is beech frames covered with a clear lacquer representing Light Oak. This finish should not be considered a match to any Light Oak product, and samples should be requested first if matching is required.

Aqua Jewels Quattro - Shower drain

Easy Sanitary Solutions

Aqua Quattro, the shower drain with revolutionary Multi technology. The square shaped Quattro is supplied as a complete set including screed cover for protection during installation and is suitable for every installation depth due to the height adjustable trap body and grate.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to clean siphon.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Shortable siphon.
  • Pre-assembled sealing membrane - WPS Technology.
  • EN 1253 certified.
  • ETAG - 022 certified.
  • Height adjustable siphon.
  • Pivoted and adjustable drainage siphon.
  • Multi TAF- height adjustable drainage body.

Deckshield Rapide SH

Flowcrete UK Ltd

A solvent free, heavy duty, fast cure deck coating sytem that minimises disturbance to residents.

Deckshield Rapide SH offers enhanced resistance to UV light, is weather resistant and available in a range of bright colours to transform external exposed walkways.

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Fast Cure
  • UV Resistant
  • Aesthetically Attractive
  • BS EN 1504
  • Durable

Flowfast SHF System

Flowcrete UK Ltd

Flowfast SHF is a fast cure methyl methacrylate (MMA) floor system with a light textured decorative flake finish for communal walkways and balconies in social housing developments. Flowfast SHF has been developed to enable very fast track applications, therefore dramatically reducing disturbance to residents.Ideal for use in residential environments, schools, hospitals and leisure facilities.

  • Fast cure for minimal disturbance to occupants
  • Eye catching with a decorative flake finish
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Suitable for internal and semi-exposed areas
  • Can be laid on top of existing asphalt surfaces
  • Protects structural integrity of concrete structure

Showing 109-144 of 10000