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Beam and block floor systems

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Floor Units


Insulated flooring grade tongue and groove P5 chipboard.

Canterra® Flags


A range of flags with an exceptionally closed face, velvet-like feel and a subtle embossed surface.


Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

Superlasting™ asphalt is a patented sustainable micro foamed mix process that provides the engineering performance of hot mix asphalt yet is produced and laid at reduced temperatures thereby extending the predicted service life.


  • Enhanced durability and service life through reduced binder ageing.
  • Achieves high stiffness earlier providing the opportunity for reduced construction times and therefore traffic congestion.
  • 24% reduction in the carbon footprint.
  • Equivalent stiffness and permanent deformation to hot mix asphalt.
  • Good workability and compactability at reduced rolling temperatures.
  • Laid with conventional surfacing equipment and laying techniques.
  • Eliminates nuisance fumes.
  • Produced to BS EN Standard mix.
  • Can be manufactured as a base, binder or surface course and available with immediate effect.
  • CE marked.


Can be used for all infrastructure and commercial asphaltic concrete projects.

Bullnose Kerb Sett


Bullnose Kerb Setts are available in range of colours with either a smooth or rumbled surface finish.

Sivil Brick


Fine cast brick developed for housing associations and private developments.


Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

Supersport® is a range of asphalt products designed to meet job specific requirements and offer a range of benefits for tennis courts and Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs). A selection of binders are used, these include both normal penetration grades, polymer modified grades and the ‘Plus’ binder, to provide job specific requirements and benefits. Supersport® can also be produced as a coloured product.

Supersport Tennis:

A fast draining material that is designed to meet the stringent demands of the sport. It is fully compliant with the requirements of the Lawn Tennis Association and SAPCA, and is available with the 'Plus' binder that allows for increased workability.

Supersport MUGA:

The ideal product for Multi Use Games Areas where a variety of activities including basketball, hockey, football and netball are played. The product is available with the 'Plus' enhancement if required. Fully compliant with the requirements of the SAPCA.

Supersport binder course:

Materials are available in 10, 14 and 20 mm aggregate sizes, enabling the contractor to select the material best suited to their application. These are the recommended binder course materials for the Supersport surface court options.


  • Tennis courts.
  • Multi-use games areas.
  • School playgrounds.


Aggregate Industries - Asphalt

Permeable asphalt which allows water to pass through to the underlying structure. The product comes in various sizes to suit a range of applications and can be combined with a wide range of other sustainable drainage products to offer the perfect Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS) solution.


  • Porous material allows surface water to drain.
  • Developed for use as an asphalt porous surface and binder course component in a SUDS pavement.
  • Inverted texture allows for high capacity acoustic absorption.


  • Commercial schemes.
  • New housing developments.
  • Retail parks.
  • Car parks.

Showing 73-108 of 10000