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Anti-Slip Shower Tray Rectangular


Anti-Slip Shower Tray, UKAS Accredited Testing to BS 7976-2:2002 and DIN 51097, placing SENETEC in lowest category of slip potential available, even considering wet, barefoot and soapy conditions.

wedi Fundo Riolito neo floor element


Flush-to-floor shower element with drainage channel right next to the wall for direct tiling. Optionally with horizontal or vertical floor drain for new build and renovation projects.

Fundo Top Primo


Fundo Top is a one-piece and ready-to-use surface for wedi Fundo shower elements (Fundo Primo, Fundo Riolito neo and Fundo Plano), which is individually customisable and 100 % system compatible.

Fundo Top


Ready to install surface for Fundo shower systems.

wedi Fundo Plano floor element


Floor-level shower element for direct tiling with horizontal floor drain and a total thickness of 65mm. Ideal for new builds and renovation projects particularly involving old buildings.

wedi Fundo Plano Linea


Flush-to-floor shower element with linear drainage for direct tiling incl. built-in drain technology. Excellently suitable for use in new buildings, renovation and the reconstruction of old buildings.

Showing 1-36 of 83