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Barrier rails

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Thermally Broken Back-Framing System

Longboard Products

Thermally Broken Clip for Wall Assemblies

A thermal barrier reducing the thermal transfer from the interior to the exterior. Thermal performance of the clip has been verified by the industry leaders, Morrison Hershfield.

The SimpL-Clip has been engineered to perform on all substrates; including concrete, concrete block, steel studs or wood. One SimpL-Clip and aluminum T-Girt can accommodate a variety of insulation thicknesses or wall depths, eliminating the need for shims or multiple clip sizes.

ThermaFrame - Rainscreen mechanical secret fix system

Plastestrip Profiles

ThermaFrame - Rainscreen mechanical secret fix system consists of a horizontal aluminium 'C rail' which is fixed to the base 'ThermaFrame - Vertical rail system' which utilises helping hand brackets made from stainless steel.Brackets can be mechanically fixed into most types of cladding panels in excess of 8mm thick.

Showing 1-36 of 72