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Tele2 - Headquarters, Sweden

by Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

European telecommunications operator, Tele2 were moving into new offices in Kista Science City - Stockholm as their headquarters. It had been decided that they were going in an Activity - Based Workplace direction, featuring large, open work areas where people could move freely throughout most of the building. From a security perspective, this work concept came with a few challenges. The Business Challenge Tele2 were moving into a new building with an “Open Office” design. The challenge was to create a transparent, inviting atmosphere while still maintaining a high level of security. Furthermore, an emergency exit was also required through the gates. Together with Tele2 and BAU architects, Boon Edam started sketching and researching, to find the perfect solution for the main entrance to the building. The original plan to make the building as open as possible, changed slightly to accommodate important security needs, both around the entrance and throughout the whole building itself.

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