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Riverscape - The Renovation, London

by Boon Edam Australia Pty Ltd

London is a vibrant, busy and beautiful city, boasting constant innovation and unique architecture. Now, developments have become bigger and more competitive year on year. With expectations on office workspaces becoming increasingly more open and flexible, the requirement for integratable security has become a complex task. This led to the existing building of 10 Queen Street Place, Riverscape to have a much-needed refurbishment following the trend of open atriums, flexible floor space and usable rooftop space. Within this project, the interior and exterior were dramatically changed and enhanced utilising fresh entry and access control security solutions. Located next to Southwark Bridge and a couple minutes’ walk from the bustling area of Cannon Street Station is Riverscape. Originally opened back in 1980, the multi-storey office space was a modern development that sat on the sought-after area of the River Thames. This project was refurbed from top to bottom, with the original Boon Edam entrance solutions being upgraded to newer more innovative products. The lead architect was Aukett Swanke with interior designers Barr Gazetas leading the design of the refurbishment and, main contractors being Overbury. Working for this project years prior in relation to the old security lanes and revolving doors that were installed by Boon Edam, the London Sales team knew the building and requirements needed. It’s common to see dated installations be retrofitted with newer security products that modernise the look and feel of an entrance as well as upgrade the technology associated with them. Download the Case Study for more information about the project.

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