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MG Tower, Padua Italy: Eastman Performance Films commissioned the University of Padua to conduct an independent study of the effects of using LLumar® solar control window films on the MG Tower

by “LLumar” by EASTMAN


Study shows the significant benefits of LLumar® films for saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, improving thermal comfort, and controlling glare: Energy: - 3.9 year simple payback - 42 % annual savings on electrical energy - conditioning cooling - Savings of €125 800 on energy costs over operational lifetime of the film - Reduction of 46 tonnes annual CO2 emissions Thermal Comfort: - Reduction in indoor temperatures of up to 5 °C when HVAC cooling switched off - Productivity savings estimated at €40 per employee per cooling month Lighting and Glare: - Significant reduction in glare

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