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Vivid Wave - LED Neon Flexible Lighting

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Green LED Lighting Solutions Variant:
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The Brightest Fixture in The LED Neon Flex Line

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Cove/ Accent Lighting. Outdoor or indoor Contour Lighting, Architectural Outline/ Decorative Lighting. Signage/ Display Lighting, Facade/ Floor Lighting


You have the power to create, shape, and illuminate your architectural designs in extraordinary ways. With Vivid Wave you are more capable than you think. Vivid Wave packs an amazing amount of technology into a remarkably small package. Vivid Wave builds on that achievement with constant voltage technology – eliminating linear fade. Seamless accessories erase dark spots, keeping linear lighting uniform.

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Ten year


26 56 19 Led exterior lightingPrimary
26 51 00 Interior lighting
26 50 00 Lighting

Third party certifications

UL Listed

UL Listed