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Mosaic Glass Wall System

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Goldray Glass

The glass installation is usually the final piece to get the project finished. But it is the pièce de résistance that brings the WOW factor every time.

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Easy to install

Quick lead times

Hanging system means no cure times

Extremely durable

Easy to clean

Beautifully simple

Available in a variety of design options.


We live in a world where time is money. Eliminating the cure time could be your secret weapon. You are deadline-driven, resourced-challenged, and want your projects to showcase your reputation as delivering only the best. On-time, and on budget.

MOSAIC, Goldray’s framed wall cladding system, moves you into the league of innovators. You are doing it differently because you are a visionary. Your time is valuable and access to space can be limited.

MOSAIC is a prefabricated mechanical way to hang glass on anything. The system can get projects completed ten times quicker, with less fuss. This innovative framed system comes out of the box finished and ready to hang into place. No cure time. Simply measure the space, order the glass type, and hang when delivered on-site - saving you time, money, and project stress.

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