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Aluminum Composite Panel

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Alumtech Bond Inc
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Alumtech Bond uses its own brand of Aluminum Composite Panel registered under the trade mark Alumtech.

Manufactured with high-tech equipment and in compliance with the industry standards ISO 9001: 2000, the

panel sheets consist of a non-toxic Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) core sandwiched between two layers

of 3000 series of aluminum coated with Kynar 500 Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) while the inward layer is coated with polyester.

Alumtech composite panels are available in 24 standard colours and 9 special finishes.

Aluminum Composite Panel is a brand new material that’s used for building facade, interior usage. It is available in an unlimited range of colours and finishes like steel, wood and other natural compounds . Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) can be curved, folded and turned into different shapes. Thus, ACP gave a wide range of design to architects.

Aluminium Composite Panel is the most flexible material. It can give birth to designs that are difficult or even impossible with other substances. Modern design comes with modern material and gives us advantages over classic designs. It’s delightfully flexible, lightweight and very easy to work with. It can be installed easily in a short time. It’s stable, easy to retain and cost-effective.

ACP is considered a flat surface that is composed of three layers the forms as aluminum composite panel. The thickness of aluminum composite sheets vary so architects will be able to choose the best types of panels to meet your personal necessity.

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Please refer to the Alumtech Composite Panel Technical document for additional colours.


Please refer to the Alumtech Composite Panel Technical document for additional colours and finishes.





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15 year


07 42 43 Composite wall panelsPrimary
07 42 13 Metal wall panels

07 42 13.23 Metal Composite Material Wall Panels

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Aluminum Composite Panel MSDS

Aluminum Composite Panel MSDS

Alumtech Composite Panel Technical Sheet

Alumtech Composite Panel Technical Sheet

Alumtech Fire Rating Testing

Alumtech Fire Rating Testing

Warranty Terms

Warranty Terms