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ACO Pipe - Stainless steel thin wall push-fit pipe

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ACO Canada

Stainless steel pipe systems, thin wall, light weight, push-fit for stormwater drainage, sanitary waste or process.

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Pipe systems for drain, waste or vent applications



ACO offers a complete range of stainless steel drainage pipes along with a selection of standard and custom fittings. ACO Pipe stainless steel socketed pipe systems

provide a modern metal alternative to PVC, ABS, and HDPE soil and waste pipework. ACO Pipe is a grade 316L stainless steel push-fit drainage system of pipes and fittings. Ideal for above and below-ground drainage applications.

ACO Pipe offers a unique push-fit feature designed for ease of assembly and installation. ACO Stainless Pipes are non-pressurized and are designed, produced and tested for use in soil, waste, rainwater, and industrial wastewater drainage applications.

ACO Pipe is compatible with ACO floor drains and ACO stainless steel trench drain systems. ACO Pipe can be welded when required.


  • Corrosion and fire resistant
  • Hygienic and easy to maintain
  • Will not sag like like PVC, ABS, and HDPE
  • Will not rust and corrode like cast iron
  • Animal (rodent) proof
  • Durable & lightweight material
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flexible material - Less potential for catastrophic failure (flooding) due to impact damage. Tends to result in bending rather than breakage/flooding.


ACO Pipe push-fit system is designed and manufactured to EN 1124 Parts 1 and 2. It is non-combustible and classified as Class A "No contribution to fire" as provided for in Commission Decision 96/603/EC as amended.

ACO Pipe systems are also certified by the Swedish Institute for Technical Approval in Construction (SITAC) as fire resistant, Certificate No 0410-01.

  • Non-combustible
  • No additional fire collars needed at installation
  • No toxic fumes emitted in case of fire EN 1124, SITAC, CSI, DNV and ABS fire certification available


ACO pipes and fittings are equipped with a unique double seal. This double seal not only provides added security for long term reliability, but also a benefit for ease of installation. ACO Pipe is tested and approved for operating pressures in all gravity, syphonic and vacuum systems and is designed for a maximum working pressure between -11.6 psi to 7.25psi (-0.8 to 0.5 bar). Socket clamps are available for extreme pressure environments.


ACO Pipe meets the requirements of ASME A112.3.1 Stainless Steel Drainage Systems for Sanitary DWV, Storm, And Vacuum Applications, Above and Below Ground.

All components are designed, manufactured and tested according to the standards EN 1124-1 and EN 1124-2: Pipes and fittings of longitudinally welded stainless steel pipes with spigot and socket for waste water systems. Additionally, ACO Pipe has been assessed and complies to AS3495: Stainless steel non pressure pipes and fittings.

ACO Pipe has been tested and approved for IAPMO Class C Certification according to ASME A112.3.1-2007 (R2012) for stainless steel drainage system for sanitary storm and chemical applications, above and below ground.

The products follow ACO's HygieneFirst design and construction principles. HygieneFirst stands for ACO’s commitment to ultimate hygienic performance. ACO addresses the hygienic requirements of floor drains and applies the design principles reserved for food contact equipment on them to deliver fully hygienic solutions.


Drainage systems are a particularly important niche for the persistence of listeria and can be a source of food contamination. Poorly specified drainage leads to costly ongoing cleaning and maintenance and at worst it can result in food contamination. HygieneFirst stands for ACO’s commitment to ultimate hygienic performance. ACO addresses the hygienic requirements of floor drains and applies the design principles reserved for food contact equipment on them to deliver fully hygienic solutions.

ACO is committed to raising industry standards by designing and promoting hygienic products for multiple commercial applications. Hygienic drainage systems reduce the risk of food contamination and optimize total cleaning costs of your organization. ACO drainage systems prioritize health and safety in the food sector for employees and end users.

ACO efficient and hygienic designs reduce the usage of volatile cleaning agents that affect indoor air quality while promoting employee safety.


Long Term Value

The properties of stainless steel make it a powerful candidate in material selection. When total life cycle cost is considered, stainless steel is often the least expensive

option. In the building and construction industry, stainless steel is selected due to:

  • Resistant to corrosion in pure water environments and to cleaning agents used in process plants
  • Resistant to oxidation and scaling while retaining strength at high temperatures
  • Easy cleaning makes it the correct choice for strict hygiene conditions
  • Bright and easily maintained surface provides a modern and attractive appearance

These features make stainless steel an obvious choice for demanding drainage applications. There is a variety of different stainless steels available. Austenitic stainless steels are the most widely used and encompass the generic 304 and 316L grades. These material grades are ideal for many applications found in food processing, dairy, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical, chemical, winery and brewery industries. 304 grade stainless steel is the most common material available but grade 316L provides superior corrosion resistance and is ideal for conditions where extreme heat or chemicals are used.

Stainless steel is one of the most sustainable material choices available and is 100% recyclable. One benefit is that it reduces the consumption, expenses, energy and time to mine other valuable resources. On average the recycled content of stainless steel is 60%. Recycled stainless steel is beneficial to the environment as it consumes less energy and resources to produce.


At ACO, we share the expertise of the global ACO Group with architects, engineers, installers, and distributors who value quality. We invite you to benefit from it.

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