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NBS Source

UL 200

Verified by manufacturer over a year ago

Bostik Australia Pty Ltd

Self levelling floor compound vinyl and timber underlay.

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  • Superior underlay for vinyl & timber floor coverings (may be used under carpet & tile if quick covering time is required)
  • Reinstatement of new or existing concrete floors subject to foot traffic, industrial equipment, and fork lift traffic or trolleys.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial applications,
  • Heavy industrial traffic
  • Wet areas (not immersed)
  • With under subfloor heating


Superior vinyl & timber underlay. Rapid hardening polymer modified cementitious underlay formulated for maximum flow without shrinkage or cracking. 

  • Accepts foot traffic in 2 - 3 hours.
  • Single component, just add water.
  • Very fast application, single operation.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Rapid curing.
  • Receives vinyl & timber after 16 hours, carpet & tile after 6 – 8 hours.
  • Can be applied directly onto prepared concrete surfaces

General information




Polymer modified cemetitious underlay.


20kg bag to be mixed with water.



Pr_35_31_06_78 Self-smoothing levelling screed mixesPrimary

NATSPEC National Classification System

0632b Stone Tiling

0632 Stone and Terrazzo Tiling

0631 Ceramic Tiling

0651 Resilient Finishes

0655 Timber Flooring

0652 Carpets

096 Communication Systems

0654 Multilayered Board Flooring


09650 Resilient Flooring

09620 Sports Flooring

09680 Carpet

09642 Timber Parquet Flooring

09648 Timber Strip Flooring

09630 Stone Flooring and Wall Panels

09646 Floating Flooring

09300 Ceramic Tiling


09650 Resilient Flooring

09648 Timber Strip Flooring

09646 Floating Flooring

09680 Carpet and Carpet Tiles

09630 Stone Flooring and Wall Panels

09300 Ceramic Tiling

Specification data - Self-smoothing levelling screed mixes


For heavy traffic, Industrial & commercial application or for placing over flexible substrates, Bostik recommends the addition of Megalastic. (Contact Bostik for further information).



4.5 to 4.8 L of potable water per 20 kg bag mixed with a forced action, high shear stirrer, powered by a heavy duty electric mixing drill at approx. 600 rpm.

Application thickness

Minimum feather edge to maximum 25mm.

Application temperature range

5 °C minimum to 30 °C maximum.

Cure time

Protect the finished area against damage during curing for up to 12 hours.

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture


Case studies

West Side Place - Stage 1, Towers 1 & 2

West Side Place - Stage 1, Towers 1 & 2