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Altro Orchestra™ Custom

Altro Flooring

Custom floors designed exactly to suit every space. 15dB impact sound reduction and comfort underfoot with excellent resistance to residual indentation.

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Altro Orchestra Custom is suitable application for areas where comfort and sound reduction are important:

  • Restaurants, cafés and bars.
  • Public areas, entrances and sensory rooms in primary, secondary and tertiary education.
  • Retail, offices and commercial building spaces where looks count.
  • Reception, changing rooms and food concessions in sports centres and gyms.

Works well with:

  • Altro Pisces.
  • Altro Aquarius.
  • Altro Walkway 20.
  • Altro Fortis Titanium.
  • Altro Whiterock White.
  • Altro Whiterock Satins.
  • Altro Whiterock Chameleon.
  • Altro Whiterock Digiclad (custom).
  • Altro Cantata.
  • Altro Orchestra.
  • Altro Wood
  • Altro Wood Comfort
  • Altro Wood adhesive-free.


Customise to suit every space for areas where looks not only count, but can positively affect the wellbeing of the people who live, work or visit.

Altro Orchestra Custom is possible to create a totally unique space, completely tailored to how the area will be used, and who is using it. Some of its significant features include:

  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Slip resistant.
  • Sustainable PVC flooring.

General information


Available in wide range of colours. Consult manufacturer for details.







Roll size. Contact manufacturer for details.

20000 mm


2000 mm


Claims against warranty for colour, batch or obvious material 

defects will only be considered if the flooring has not yet 

been permanently bonded.

Ten years.


Pr_35_57_71_67 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheetsPrimary

NATSPEC National Classification System

0651 Resilient Finishes


09650 Resilient Flooring


09650 Resilient Flooring

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets


To EN 651 for heterogeneous PVC sheet.

Use class

To ISO 10874, Class 34 and 42.


Heterogeneous PVC.

Backing layer

Felt backed.


2000 mm.


To EN ISO 24346.

2.85 mm.

Colour and pattern

Cobbles 1.

Grass 1.

Grass 2.

Grass 3.

Grass 4.

Gravel 1.

Gravel 2.

Hexagon Border Grey 1.

Hexagon Border Monotone 1.

Hexagon Border Pastel 1.

Hexagon Border Sand 1.

Hexagon Border Wood 1.

Hexagon Cube Blue 1.

Hexagon Cube Grey 1.

Hexagon Cube Monotone 1.

Hexagon Cube Orange 1.

Hexagon Cube Wood 1.

Hexagon Cube Wood 2.

Hexagon Flower Coral 1.

Hexagon Flower Monotone 1.

Hexagon Flower Orange 1.

Hexagon Flower Stone 1.

Hexagon Flower Wood 1.

Hexagon Parquet Black and White 1.

Hexagon Parquet Gold 1.

Hexagon Parquet Orange 1.

Hexagon Parquet Rose 1.

Hexagon Parquet Wood 1.

Hexagon Triangle Grey 1.

Interlocked Cube Black 1.

Interlocked Cube Blue 1.

Interlocked Cube Blue 2.

Interlocked Cube Brass 1.

Interlocked Cube Gold 1.

Interlocked Cube Gold 2.

Interlocked Cube Green 1.

Interlocked Cube Silver 1.

Interlocked Cube Wood 1.

Interlocked Cube Yellow 1.

Leaves 1.

Leaves 2.

Moss 1.

Moss 2.

Paving 1.

Paving 2.

Pebbles 1.

Sand 1.

Sand 2.

Water 1.

Water 2.

Slip resistance



To AS/NZS 4586.

Slip resistance value


≥ 0.30 / DS as per EN 13893.

R10 as per DIN 51130.

Oil wet inclining platform test


Fire performance



To EN ISO 9239-1, EN ISO 11925-2 and EN 13501-1.

Group number

Pass - ≥ 4.5 kW/m².


Critical radiant flux


Smoke development rate

185 %.

Acoustic performance



To EN ISO 10140-3.


15 dB.

Recycled content






Delivery and storage

Delivered from Melbourne if in stock, if not in stock from the UK.


 To EN ISO 24341.

20 000 l x 2000 w (mm).

Roll size.

Wear layer thickness

To EN ISO 24340.

0.7 mm.

Flexibility (to EN-ISO 24344)


Abrasion resistance

To EN 425.

Yes, type W.

Castor chair abrasion.

Wear resistance

Group T.

 To EN 660-2.

Light fastness to EN-ISO 105-B02

≥ 6.

Chemical resistance (to EN-ISO 26987)


VOC emissions


CDPH 1350 / Floorscore Indoor Air Comfort Gold.


Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort (Gold) certified.

Emission class M1 certified.

FloorScore certified.

†A+ BRE rated.

To EN 15804:2012 + A1:2013 and BRE Global Scheme Document SD207.

O-phthalate - free.

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Environmental information

Country of product manufacture


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