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Polaris Data Centre


To protect the priceless infrastructure and mission-critical IT information in Australia’s first custom built, high-tech data centre, Polaris, Project Manager Thiess turned to the leading manufacturer of specialist building products, Construction Specialties.

Integral to the $121 million construction was the regulation of airflow to safeguard the computer hardware; Construction Specialties’ customised performance louvres were the only product in Australia able to meet this construction challenge.

Boasting 14,000m2 of floor space on 5 storeys with 7000m2 of raised floor over three data centre levels, the project, based in Springfield, Queensland, is the largest of its kind in Australia and will be Queensland’s only Tier 3+ data collection point.

So important were the Construction Specialties performance louvres to the development, much of the building design was driven by the positioning, material specifications and design of the louvres.

Lawrence Issa, Project Manager for Construction Specialties, and project partners Darryl Wright and Steve Emery of Project Sales worked closely with the Polaris construction team from project inception to completion to devise the most effective weatherproofing and airflow option for the building which also matched the intended aesthetic.

“In-depth collaboration with the Polaris team led to the selection of our Architectural Line Louvres, of which two types were used – our RS7305a and LSM louvre models,” Lawrence said. “Unlike other louvres on the market, this range prevents up to 99% water penetration and maximises airflow, while also complementing the building facade as the horizontal louvre frames selected are hidden from view.

“Our performance louvres cover 345m2 of the exterior building and are specifically customised in terms of size, shape and colour for the data centre,” Lawrence said.

Miguel Thievent, Senior Project Engineer at Thiess, remarks that the CS Louvres perform to the highest standard, which was essential in meeting the building specifications.

“It was vital we didn’t compromise on weather proofing and airflow,” Miguel said. “For example, we have six generators integral to maintaining the whole IT system in case of power failure which would not run if the airflow was affected or they were damaged by rain.

“The Construction Specialties performance louvres were the only ones on the market that could guarantee damage would not occur as a result of bad weather conditions,” Miguel said.

Construction Specialties’ performance louvres are at the leading edge of louvre design and are tested under real world conditions to meet the maximum standards demanded.

Construction Specialties offers a broad selection of louvres under 3 main categories:

  • Storm Resistant/Performance Louvres – The main objective of Performance Louvres is to allow the passage of air, whilst providing the area beyond the room with protection from rain penetration.
  • Standard Louvres – A standard louvre will provide the maxiumum airflow required, but with minimal rain defence.
  • Screening Louvres – Screening louvres, are low cost solutions that hide plant or other equipment from view.

CS Louvre systems are available in a comprehensive range of finishes and colours, ensuring there is a Construction Specialties Louvre system to suit most aesthetic and performance needs.

Louvre panels are factory assembled in a controlled and quality assured environment and provided to site in a fully finished modular form; thus, allowing for trouble-free and fast installation.

A comprehensive range of accessories including insect/bird mesh and blanking panels in various materials and finishes is available to complete the application.

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